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Combination Boiler Loses Pressure

Boilers that supply central heating systems are quite reliable, however they can sometimes lose the water pressure that is responsible for its function. There is a pressure gauge fitted to these boilers to give an immediate reading so it will be easy to tell if it has little or no pressure. Pressure loss can be due to a couple of things like to a water leak in the pipework or maybe the failure of the expansion vessel fitted, which may cause relief valve damage. Falconwood Plumbers are a fully qualified plumbing service. Constant water pressure is critical and for the newer combination boilers is maintained with cold water flow through a mechanism known as a ‘filling loop’. This filling loop is the means by which the system can be re-filled to restore the pressure as it is known as a sealed system. Read the manufacturers manual to see if you can do it yourself. If you are not experienced, then, you could call a professional like a Falconwood Plumber to do the job.

Manual Re-fill:
First you need to identify the filling loop and the pressure gauge. Make sure that the pressure gauge can be seen while using the filling loop (1.5bar is the correct pressure). A filling loop will be a silver flexi tube with two levers, in the off position the levers will sit across the pipe. Move them slowly so they are in line with the pipe and the water will start to fill. You will hear the water running into the boiler. Watch the pressure gauge, as it should climb up into the green sector of the gauge or the 1.5bar pressure reading. Move the levers back to their original off position. Too much pressure can be achieved if you are not careful, so if you cannot monitor the gauge as you increase it’s pressure ask someone to help you. Should pressure issues still exist, then, you should seek advice from a professional.

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