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Drain A System

It is sometimes necessary to drain all the water out of a central heating system. This could be, to install a new boiler, valve, pump or radiator, or maybe to carry out some maintenance on the system. It is possible to drain down a system without lots of trouble or mess. This can be carried out by the homeowner, but I would suggest that unless they are very confident in their abilities and have done it before, they really need to call a professional to come and do it like Falconwood Plumbers. Isolate the power supply for the system. Make sure that the gas or electric power is isolated. Locate all switches at the boiler and turn them off. Now, isolate the water supply from the cistern. If the valve cant be found or if it’s difficult to turn, put a length of wood across the top of the cistern and tie the ball valve up to stop the flow of water, to make sure that no water enters the tank whilst draining the system. Locate a drain valve on a radiator low in the system and close to a door. A Falconwood Plumber is aqualified tradesman. This valve is a small angled piece of ribbed pipe that potrudes from the pipework on a radiator. It is angled so that a hose can be connected. The pipe has a small brass tap with a square head that can be turned with a spanner and is normally positioned on a radiator quite close to the front door. Once located, place a container or bowl capable of catching water under it, as once opened it will leak water onto the carpet. Connect a hose to the stubby pipe and secure with a jubilee clip and run to an outside drain. Remember the water will be dirty, now, with a bleed key open the valve nice and slow allowing the water flow through the hose. Check for leaks. If there are no leaks, open the valve fully. Check at the radiators with a bleed key, the sound of air means the system is empty but if there is still water, then close the valves and wait until the system has drained completely.

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