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Draining (an emergency)

You have developed a plumbing fault with your central heating system that needs urgent attention, in fact it is required that you carry out a full draining down of the system. If you are confident enough o carry this out yourself, then, the tips below can help:

a). Switch off the boiler so the pump will not run and wait until the water starts to cool.

b). Isolate the main supply that feeds your expansion tank.

Note: Plumbing services like Falconwood Plumbers drain systems.

d). In the loft, bridge the tank with the batten and tie up the float valve so that the water stops running, as a backup. Now slide one end of a hose onto the drain cock outlet and run the other end of the hose out into an outside drain by the shortest route. Secure it well, making sure that it runs level not upwards.

f). Using lots of old rags or cloths placed around the drain cock, use a key or correct size spanner to open the valve. A Falconwood Plumber carries all the correct spanners and keys.

g). You must make sure that at all times that the hose is ok and not leaking or has come away from one end or the other which will cause a flood.

H). As soon as the water stops running from the end of the hose, go from one radiator to another opening the bleed valves slightly, so that the last drops of water can run away.

i). When you have made your repairs to the system you can close the drain cock and all the radiator bleed valves, dismantle the backup stick/string on the float vale in the loft and turn on the main stopcock.

j). Now bleed all the radiators in the system from the top down and the final act is to bleed the heating pump as it may contain air. Tidy up and the job is done.

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