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How to unblock a manhole

If water in your kitchen sink, bath or toilet is not draining away in a normal way, it would be the result of a blocked manhole Falconwood. Though it is a technical problem and many people think it is solely the plumber who could help them in such a situation, it is true that you can help yourself too as good as a professional can. Safety should be your very first step while tackling the issue of a blockage. If you have decided to clear the blockage yourself, you must have full protective clothing that includes overalls, gloves and goggles. After you have finished the work, remove the protective wearing first with care and wash it thoroughly.
Another important factor in this matter is the availability of proper tools and equipments and the most essential among them is a set of drain rods that can be purchased or hired from DIY stores. Moreover, a bucket and a towel should also be kept nearby.
Now start the operation of fixing a blocked manhole Falconwood. Lift up the cover of the drain for inspection. If the cover is found rusted and hard to open, you can use a screwdriver or scrape away rust and then try removing the cover. Some covers have a handle over them so that you can pull them off easily.
Take the rod that has an attached plunger at one end and use it to dislodge the blocked section. Keep twisting and turning for several minutes. Take out all the garbage and material causing the blockage. You may repeat the process more than one time. After thorough plunging, flush the drain with plenty of water and remove all the remaining debris. For better results, repeat the process of the rod with plunger one more time and flush the drain again. Now place the cover and wash the drain rods.”

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