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Pipework Blockage

There are many cleaning solutions on the market that can be administered in order to try and solve a blocked pipe. However, these are sometimes very hazardous to the health of anyone using them if not used in the correct way. A Falconwood Plumber is a trained plumber who can unblock pipework. The waste pipework in your home handles many unsavoury things such as food and human waste so it is no surprise that these solvents are sold to try and unblock the pipework.

The Sink Plunger:
There is a way that has been used for years and years to deal with a block and that is to use a very simple tool called a “ Sink Plunger”. The size can vary but the principle of operation is exactly the same, and that is, to force air or in other words create a partial vacuum in the system to try and move the blockage.

How To Use:
Using a little water, just cover the plunger base. Now pump up and down a few times to create the vacuum. You might need to do this several times if it does not do the trick first go. Falconwood Plumbers can use a sink plunger to unblock a sink. Pipework blocks that are in hard to get to to places and cannot be dealt with by normal means for example deep in a pipework system some distance away can be dealt with by something called a drain rod. As it’s name implies it is a long narrow rod that can be up to 6metres in length and made up of threaded sections that screw together to form one long piece (if needed). On one end of the rod is a corkscrew piece should tangle itself with the mass, so it can be dragged out. The traps that are fitted below sinks can also become blocked, so make sure that you have a bowl situated under the trap before you open it. When this is done you can undo the trap and hopefully clear the block, generally by hand, and catch any water etc. in the bowl. Once it is cleared, re-assemble and replace. Check for leaks and also see if the water is flowing again.

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