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Radiator Valve Fit

The old style manual type of radiator valve has really now been superseded by something called a TRV or thermostatic radiator valve. This is as a result of our efforts to try and save fuel, money and of course the planet. This is where the manual valve fails as in your home, as some rooms could be too hot or too cold unless constant adjustment of this manual radiator is maintained. The thermostatic valve is a great alternative, because it opens and closes automatically in response to room temperature changes. Falconwood Plumbers can fit thermostatic valves. These valves are normally a one for one swap with the old manual valves. But just in case, before you attempt to change them, make sure that they fit.

Fitting a TRV:
Unfortunately you will need to make sure that your system is drained. Then you can go ahead and remove the old radiator valve. Prior to removal, loosen off the nut securing the valve to the pipework, now, undoing both nuts fully lift the valve, its cap-nut and olive from the end of the pipe. The radiator does not need to be moved to do this. Tidy up the end of the pipe with wire wool so you can replace the cap nut and olive for the new valve. A Falconwood Plumber can supply and fit this type of valve. Hold the valve in place and screw the cap-nut on the valve, making sure that the olive is sat correctly. Do not tighten the cap nut completely at this point. Wrap a couple of turns of PTFE tape around the threads, make sure that the valve is square and start turn the cap nuts fully.

Once Fitted:
When the fitting is complete, and you are happy that the connections are watertight, re-fill the system. The new valve or valves must be set up in accordance with the maker’s instructions. Check for leaks and also balance the radiator circuit.

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