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Rules for Modifying Pipework

If you undertake any alterations, modifications or repairs to your domestic pipework, then it should not affect in a detrimental way the quality of the water that is flowing through it. The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and the Water Industry act 1991. Is an act that binds and compels any company and also individual consumer who might install any fittings or carry out any plumbing work on any water carrying system. Falconwood Plumbers obey the rules set out in the current regulations. We strongly recommend that you use an approved plumber who will be able to ensure that the work complies with the regulations. So, if you want or need to make an alteration or replace some of your plumbing in the home it is very important that it is carried out to the highest standard of safety. Using an approved plumbing service like a Falconwood Plumber is the best plan, as is the use of the correct plumbing materials.

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme:
WRAS is there to help protect the health and well being of the general public by the prevention of the contamination of their water supplies and also promoting the efficient use of water by promotion and facilitation and compliance with the Water Supply Regulations and Scottish Water Byelaws. The scheme is a subscription membership company limited by guarantee and was incorporated on 4 August 2008. The subscribers of WRAS are the 26 UK Water Suppliers.

What Is Expected:
The enforcement of the regulations is carried out by the government. The companies who supply the water can provide their own guidelines. Suppliers should carry out inspections of all new and current installations to make sure the regulations are met. They can and will demand that any short comings are put right as soon as possible and practical.

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